Modern Public School | About Us
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About Modern Public School

The school is a branch of award winning Modern Public School, Bhiwadi which boasts of a 26 year old legacy. The School with its child friendly environment strives to promote the multi-dimensional growth of the children. Keeping pace with the new methods of teaching,the school aims to mould the personality of the students with a healthy blend of tradition and modernity.


Modern Public School, Shahberi spread across a spacious 6′ acres of land, is situated in Shahberi about 1.5 km from NH-24. The surrounding is pollution free and ideal for an educational institution.In our campus we have sport ground, activity area, Basket Ball Court , Foot Ball Court and play ground.


Parallel to our school philosophy, we believe in taking one step at a time, and our mission by 2021 is to be ever evolving

  • To offer Education for all together-barring socio economic position of students through our scholarship programs.
  • Counseling program for the sharp minds
  • Teaching aids and tools for teachers through advanced training programs and socially abreast workshops.
  • Sportsmanship in each student.
  • Cultural and historical understanding of India through theme activities.
  • Academic freedom to our toppers to keep learning and keep achieving
  • Understand and play role of civilized and responsible citizens.


To be a happy school with blend of values, tradition, technology and a quest for excellence.


The school is tied up with the vrandavan hospital for the first level admission and treatment. As per the schools medical policy for the student’s hurt in accidents during school hours, doctor’s consultation charges for the first time will be borne by the school. All charges towards lab tests as well as any subsequent charges, including admissions etc. will have to be borne by the parents although the school will make the payments in order to save the time. The original bills and reports will be handed over to the parents for any insurance claim. The reimbursement of the amount paid by the school, except for the first-time consultation, will be collected through cheques.


Modern public school has formally facilitated with planning for parents of the school. MPS-E-CARE is a web based system that enables parents to access student’s information and continual progress in real time. Parents can access students and school related activities on the web by using a secured login provided to them.

The website provides the following information of students and school.

  • The students profile as exits in the school records.
  •  Attendance details of the student with the days when he/she was absent.
  •  Marks/Grades obtained in different unit tests/Examination/Activities.
    Different activities that the student has participated in and the position obtained.
  •  Detail of the curriculum books prescribed, chapters and contents therein with the targets dates by when they are expected to be taken up for learning in the classroom.
  •  Detailed examination schedule with various parameters.
  •  Detailed day-wise learning progress that has occurred in the student’s class.
  •  Detailed day-wise home task assigned in the students class.
  •  Periodic planners/schedules.
  •  Latest circulars and notices issued.
  •  Latest happenings in the school.
  •  Access to email facility.
  •  Fee dues.Login for “E-CARE” is available from the homepage of the school Website.


Modern Public School is safe, yet welcoming. All visitors are required to register with the security guard before entering the main buildings of the School. The school is also monitored 24hrs through CCTV cameras. Multi-Level security systems are employed to create a safe environment for our students. Strict security procedures are followed in case children are picked up from the school during school hours.