Modern Public School | Teachers & Students Workshop
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Teachers & Students Workshop

Teacher: We understand the need to brace ourselves with the changing times and the ever rising expectation from education sector. The school is associated with external training and workshop providers for regular sessions for our teachers to keep ourselves updated with the new methodologies evolved for teaching, counseling and motivating students.

Workshop partners: ICTRC, Envision India Eduservices, Ramakrishna Mission, CBSE, CTF, Expressions India, Jodogyan

Students: The school is dedicated to equip children with the need of hour and conduct various workshops on Career counseling, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Positive Thinking, Time Management and Handling Adolescence and growing age.

Workshop Partners: Ramakrishna Mission for students, Confluence Mega Career Fair (CCD), JodoGyan, Times group in association with Bennett University and PCRA.